I am Alen Clo, a creative visionary with a diverse and far-reaching artistic background. Growing up on the east coast of central Italy.

My deep love for beauty, elegance, and attention to detail led me to pursue a career as an editorial stylist in the fashion media industry before branching into illustration and new technologies. I am enthusiastic about exploring opportunities in campaigns, product design, and licensing, closely collaborating with clients and adapting my services to suit their specific project requirements.

Additionally, I take great joy in nurturing creative communities through my online membership and interactive sessions. Engaging with fellow artists and enthusiasts allows me to share my knowledge and experiences and together we explore the boundless possibilities of art and technology.

Since March 2021, I have been immersing myself in the exciting world of Web3 and delving into Blockchain technology, connecting with NFT artists and their vibrant communities. I am currently consulting for Web3 art projects while expanding my knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and integrating cutting-edge technologies into my creative process.

Work With Alen Clo